Free Tours in Ljubljana

Comedy Tour Ljubljana, Locks Bridge

Free tours are becoming increasingly popular. They are already available in nearly all key destinations around the globe. This is no surprise as they provide many advantages. The obvious one is that you only pay as much as you like. Even nothing at all is fine if you’re not happy with the service as the tours are essentially “free”. Though some may see this as a downside, thinking such a tour can’t be any good, there’s no reason to think that at all. In fact, what you usually get is the exact opposite. The guides are hoping for donations at the end, meaning they are always giving it their all, instead of just counting on a fixed income. At the moment, there are at least three excellent free tours available in Ljubljana that you should consider when planning a visit.   

1. Ljubljana Alternative Tour

A free tour of Ljubljana’s cult art and political spots, revealing the independent underground culture of the town. It takes you through the city’s alternative art scene, indie lifestyles, and places of political engagement. Covering both street culture and historic monuments, it offers you a glimpse into the avant-garde places hidden behind the charming exteriors of the Old Town. The guides will let you know about any cool concerts and pop-up exhibitions going on at the time of your visit, while taking you into the heart of both Metelkova and Rog Factory.

Best for: The tour mainly attracts a younger hipster crowd but is just as suitable for anyone who has even the slightest interest in Ljubljana’s alternative culture.    

2. The Ljubljana Free Tour

A classic 2-hour tour of the town center. It covers all the main bridges, squares, monuments and structures of the Old Ljubljana. The tour is consistently voted as the best tour of the city by Tripadvisor. It offers great insight into the town’s history, art, politics and mentality, including fascinating stories and legends. The tour is rich in content, yet highly structured and easy to understand. It’s led by licensed local guides, that have undergone special training to offer you a presentation of the highest quality.

Best for: The tour is perfect for a more serious audience that’s eager to learn the facts about this small but extraordinary town.  

3. Comedy Tour Ljubljana

A tour that puts a funny twist on Ljubljana’s main attractions. Led by a hilarious comedian, the Comedy Tour is anything but serious. You’ll get an insight into sidesplitting stories about famous local historical figures and milestone events, that you’d never hear on a regular tour. Prepare to leave political correctness at the door and bust a gut hearing about the side of Ljubljana that writers of travel brochures prefer to keep to themselves.

Best for: This tour is a blast for anyone who’s young or young at heart and likes to have a good laugh.


That’s 3 excellent tours you can try in Ljubljana for free, though a tip at the end is always more than welcome. Either way how much you’re prepared to give is up to you, so there’s no risk of feeling like you didn’t get your money’s worth.