Where to Find Tourist Information About Ljubljana

The best thing to do when you’re visiting a town for the first time is to get information about the main aspects of your visit. When in Ljubljana, your best bet is to head to the nearest tourist office or visit one of the webpages offering tourist information about the town. Here are some of the main places where you can get such information.

1. Ljubljana Tourist Information Center TIC

The first of the two official tourist offices located right in the center of the town. The exact address of TIC is Adamic-Lundrovo Nabrezje 2. You can pay them a visit each day from 8 am to 7 pm or have a look at their website anytime you like. You can also call them on 0038613061215.

2. Slovenian Tourist Information Center

The second official tourist office in Ljubljana located just outside the city center. The exact address of this one is Krekov Trg 10. It has the same working hours as TIC and is covered by the same website. You can call them on 0038613064575.

3. Ljubljana Info

Not an actual place but only a website. Ljubljana Info is an independent collection of tourist information and recommendations for Ljubljana. It’s unofficial and is known to support small local businesses. Especially non profit, fair trade and sustainable economy organizations as well as those pursuing social responsibility. You can visit their website here>   

4. In Your Pocket

Another cool website with all sorts of practical tourist information. They’re covering not only Ljubljana but Slovenia in general (among other countries). In Your Pocket is known as one of Europe’s leading providers of urban information, supplying locally produced information for over one hundred cities throughout the region. You can visit their website here>   


These are some of the places where you can get all the tourist information you need. If you’re planning a visit or are already here and have any questions about the town or what it has to offer, pay them a visit. If you’re looking for something fun and would like to have a good laugh visit our website to make a reservation for the craziest free walking tour in Ljubljana.