Tourist Attractions in Ljubljana (Part 3)

The 3rd and, for now, final installment of our series on tourist attractions in Ljubljana. This time covering what we have left out in the first two.

Where to Find Tourist Information About Ljubljana

The best thing to do when you’re visiting a town for the first time is to get information about the main aspects of your visit. When in Ljubljana, your best bet is to head to the nearest tourist office or visit one of the tourist webpages.

Fun Things to do in Ljubljana

Ljubljana is a fun little town so finding ways to amuse yourself is never too difficult. You may however feel a bit lost when you’re visiting the town for the first time. If you are, here are some fun things you can do while you’re here.
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Tourist Attractions in Ljubljana (Part 2)

Following up on part 1, here is the continued list of must visit tourist attractions in Ljubljana. This time we put more focus on the contemporary culture and places where the old meets the new.
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Tourist Attractions in Ljubljana (Part 1)

Ljubljana may be small, but has an astounding number of tourist attractions. People have lived here since prehistory, leaving behind an abundance of important sites and monuments. Today the city is also home to a vastly active alternative scene,…
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Free Tours in Ljubljana

Free tours are becoming increasingly popular. They are already available in nearly all key destinations around the globe. This is no surprise as they provide many advantages. The obvious one is that you only pay as much as you like.